Mezcal is an ancient drink from Mexico that comes from agave, and although there are more than 200 types of agave throughout the country, around 40 varieties are traditionally considered mezcal magueyes.

Each mezcal is associated with a species of maguey, a rural region, a mezcal family and it is all of this, in combination with the soil that gives it life, that gives each mezcal its characteristic flavor, color and aromas. .

If you are interested in delving into the culture of mezcal, learning its fundamentals, discovering and tasting the richness of its varieties, join the club and come to our tastings!

Tasting of 6 different mezcals (cultivable, wild or blended), accompanied by artisanal salts.
During this tasting we will immerse ourselves in the state of Oaxaca through the Palomo house, family of Doña Gerarda Sernas and Don Víctor Méndez, who have cultivated and produced artisanal mezcal for three generations. We will taste the Palomo Espadín, Palomo distilled with Cocoa, Palomo distilled with Mole, Palomo distilled with Coffee, Palomo Tepeztate, Palomo Pechuga and from pilón a Cascahuín Plata Tequila, from the state of Jalisco and grown in the "mountain of light", a region with large mineral deposits in the ground that works as a lightning magnet during thunderstorms.
Location: La Pachuca (d’en Carabassa 19, 08002, Barcelona).
Date and time: to be confirmed.
Duration: 90 minutes.
Cost: €25 per person (VAT not included).
Maximum group of 14 people, taught in Spanish.
Activity for people over 18 years old.

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>>>>Those attending the tastings will get a 5% discount on the store's mezcals .