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At La Pachuqueña, we offer you the best ingredients so you can enjoy this delicious drink from the comfort of your home.

To make a Michelada, you need beer, lemon juice, salt, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and ice. But at La Pachuqueña, we offer you a wide variety of additional ingredients so you can customize your Michelada to your liking. From clamato to tagine, our products will allow you to create the perfect Michelada.

Why settle for a boring drink when you can enjoy a Michelada full of flavor and tradition? At La Pachuqueña, we make sure to offer you the best Mexican products so you can feel like you are in Mexico without leaving your home.

If you want to surprise your friends at a party or simply enjoy a different drink, the Michelada is an excellent option. Here, you will find everything you need to prepare the perfect Michelada and delight your friends. Take a look and buy now, we'll send it to you quickly!

17 products found in MEXICAN MICHELADAS

Pack Micheladas - SIN cervezas
  • €20,00
Pack Micheladas - 6 cervezas
  • €28,00
Pack Micheladas - 12 cervezas
  • €48,00
Salsa especial para Micheladas El Pachuco
  • €8,00
Cerveza Modelo Especial
  • €2,20
Cerveza Pacífico
  • €2,60
Cerveza Corona
  • €2,60
Cerveza Sol
  • €2,60
Cerveza XX Lager
  • €2,60
Cerveza Negra Modelo
  • €2,60
  • From €6,90
Salsa Inglesa Lea & Perrins
  • €18,00
Salsa Valentina
  • €4,90
  • From €2,70
Salsa Valentina Muy Picante
  • €4,90
  • From €2,60
Jugo Maggi
  • From €3,50

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Tajín Habanero en polvo
  • €4,50
Tajín Clásico en polvo
  • From €4,50