Mexican beer has a great history that dates back to the arrival of European conquerors to the American continent, who created small breweries, mainly in Mexico City. Over time, beer prevailed over pulque and spirits, and these small breweries developed until they gave way to what are today some of the largest and most lucrative brewing companies in the world. Today, Mexico is one of the largest exporters of beer in the world and also one of those that consume it the most, surpassed only by the Czech Republic, Germany, England, Austria and Spain.

In Mexico, beer is drunk in many ways: in michelada (with a sauce based on tomato juice, squeezed lime, Maggie sauce, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauces and garlic salt), in chelada (only with squeezed lime), with clamato (with a tomato sauce and clam broth), accompanied by a good mezcal or solita and well dead (suitably cold). But be careful, in Mexico beer is not only drunk, it is also used in the preparation of ceviches, spicy sauces and stews.

If you're not sure which Mexican beer goes best with what, here's a guide to make it easier for you:

Mexican beers

Cerveza mexicana Coronita


It is actually called Corona, but in Spain it was marketed as Coronita because a Catalan wine group had already registered that name for an alcoholic beverage. La Corona is the best-selling beer in the world, it is served with a wedge of lime and since its flavor is smooth and balanced, it is perfect for a hot afternoon at the sea or by the pool, to accompany simple dishes such as snacks or pica pica.

Cerveza mexicana Sol


This Lager is another smooth and balanced option that works very well for making micheladas or clamatos, since it will not alter the powerful flavor of the sauces used to prepare both drinks. It is also ideal to accompany fish, Asian cuisine and in general any cuisine rich in exotic flavors and spicy ingredients, as its cleanliness in the mouth will enhance the flavor of the food while counteracting the burning produced by the spiciness.

Cerveza mexicana Modelo


A delicious and elegant option, since the malt used in its production is the softest of all. This Pilsner has a seductive golden tone and a slightly sweet flavor, with fruity and citrus notes that, if that were not enough, reduce the burning sensation caused by the spiciness. Therefore, it is perfect for eating aguachiles, seafood and ceviches, raw fish, sushi, salmon, salads, vegetables and rice. It also works in michelada or chelada, as its citrus notes fit perfectly with the sauces used in the preparation of these drinks.

Cerveza mexicana


Without a doubt, Negra is one of our favorite Mexican beers. It is a Munich with a creamy foam and has a delicious aroma of roasted malt, caramel and hops. It is the ideal choice for a barbecue day, so put it on your table if you are going to serve a cheese board or prepare grilled meats and vegetables, sausages, chorizo, bacon... any white or red meat combines perfectly with the Black. On the contrary, we advise against combining it with any other drink: making a clamato or a michelada with this beer would be a fatal mistake, since the result will be a dense liquid overflowing with flavors that will kill its delicate notes of malt and caramel.


The oldest Mexican beer is a Vienna-style lager with an amber color and consistent foam, with flavors of apple butter and toasted malt. Vicky really combines with all Mexican food, from tacos, enchiladas or quesadillas accompanied by spicy sauce, guacamole with tortilla chips or even grilled meats and vegetables, soft cheeses and nuts.

Serve it very cold and you will see how it goes well with whatever you put in it.

Cerveza mexicana


This Pilsner is another of our favorite Mexican beers. The factory was born and still operates in Sinaloa, a coastal state in Northern Mexico, famous for its exquisite gastronomy based on seafood and father of the blessed aguachile (shrimp cooked in spicy lime juice with onion strips and cucumber). It is a clear beer with a light flavor and coming from where it comes from, you can imagine that it is the best ally against the heat and the perfect partner for prawns, paellas, fish and seafood, as well as spicy or greasy foods.

Cerveza mexicana


As its name indicates, this is a Lager with a soft citrus aroma, with a light white foam. It goes well with spicy foods or stews, or with that part of Mexican gastronomy that has to do with combinations of tortilla and meat: carnitas tacos, steak tacos, cochinita pibil, chilorio, barbacoa, etc. And by the way, if you are going to prepare tacos, we highly recommend making a drunk sauce based on pasilla chili, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, orange juice and ½ portion of Dos Equis. You will give another level to your food!

Now that you understand more about Mexican beers, stop by La Pachuqueña and let the party begin!