All of Mexico makes fun of the chilangos (people of Mexico City) for accepting the existence of quesadillas without cheese, which seems to attack the basic concept of the word, however and against all common sense, its name does not come from This last ingredient but from the Nahuatl word quetzaditzin which means "folded tortilla." The cheese just came to finish off the concept.

Etymologies aside, cheese is the quesadilla's best friend and is an ingredient that is easy to find, delicious and complements it perfectly! The taco is the standard of Mexican cuisine, but there are certain basics that are required to make one and this is where the quesadilla has managed to position itself. A tortilla, a little cheese or the filling of your choice and that's it! Simple, fast, practical and delicious.

From there you can scale the game as much as you want by adding ingredients: Roast meat, stews, beans, mushrooms, cuitlacoche, pumpkin flower... As long as the tortilla can be folded in half and grilled there is than letting go.

Preparing a grilled quesadilla is extremely simple. Heat a frying pan over medium-high heat. No type of oil is necessary, but a little butter or sunflower oil gives a touch of the Mexican market to the flavor. Once the pan reaches a good temperature, put the tortilla on for a few seconds, turn it over and then place the ingredients for our quesadilla crosswise. When finished, fold the tortilla into a half circle and cook for a few minutes until the cheese is melted.

We want the tortilla to brown a little and have a firm consistency. There is no exact measure of how much to cook the tortilla, we can only suggest that it not be cooked to the point of being dry and that it not be so soft that we cannot lift it while maintaining its half-moon shape. Firm and with melted cheese! If these two are met then you found the point. That is the basic theory and applies to all grilled quesadillas. And then what can we add to it? Whatever you want! Here the imagination is the limit. We give you some examples:

The Classic                                                                                                                                                 
Oaxaca, Manchego or Gouda cheese.
Oaxaca, Manchego or Gouda cheese; york ham

Special synchronized
Oaxaca, manchego or gouda cheese; York ham, refried beans.

Oaxaca, Manchego or Gouda cheese; pumpkin flower

Oaxaca, Manchego or Gouda cheese; refried beans, chicken tinga.

Oaxaca cheese, manchego or gouda, refried beans.
The one in Champis
Oaxaca, Manchego or Gouda cheese; previously sautéed mushrooms (you can season with salt, garlic and a little cilantro).
The Portales
Panela cheese (in Europe it is sold as Queso Latino), cilantro, onion, pork rinds.
The Sinaloense
Oaxaca, Manchego or Gouda cheese; refried beans, chilorio.
The Yucateca
Oaxaca, Manchego or Gouda cheese; refried beans, cochinita Pibil.

And of course, don't forget to have some sauce ready for when they come off the grill.