In Mexico we call a taco a tortilla to which a transversal strip of any filling is placed and which is eaten with the hands. From here on out the possibilities explode. You can make tacos from anything and create whatever combinations you want. The most common thing is to add meats, vegetables or stews but there is no limit as such. Think of the tortilla as the vehicle you use to put things in your mouth and take flight.

The first step is to heat the tortilla!

There are several techniques to do this, the most popular being the comal or frying pan: a frying pan without oil is heated over medium-high heat and the tortillas are placed in it. You should leave it for about 30-45 seconds on each side, but this depends on the heat and is to your taste. The point we are looking for is that they are soft, hot and a little golden.

For certain stews or soupy fillings it may be advisable to seal them with a little sunflower oil or butter, in which case we put half a tablespoon of either of these in the pan and repeat the previous process.

In Mexico it is also customary to heat them over direct heat from the stove, without a frying pan. This technique gives a slightly burnt and delicious flavor, the procedure is just as it sounds: throwing the tortilla on the stove supported by the supports and letting it heat up until it burns a little. In Mexico they use their hands to turn them quickly but some tweezers can help you.

Other uses of the tortilla:

You can fry them completely in sunflower oil until they are hard to make toast (if you previously cut them into triangles you make totopos) and if you want you can also toast them in your air fryer or oven .

If you frozen your tortillas or they have been in the refrigerator for a few days, we suggest removing them from the bag and submerging them completely in water for about 20 minutes before heating them so that they absorb moisture and look like new!