Tienda mexicana

If you live in Barcelona and you like Mexican food (or culture), you have surely heard of Pachuco and Pachuca, a couple of restaurants with a lot of style, portions Generous and friendly prices that always appear on the list of the best places to eat in Barcelona. Anyone who has already been there will know that it is an authentic experience, a round trip to the heart of Mexican gastronomy and culture in its most kitsch and surreal version.

The success of both restaurants lies in a couple of Mexican friends who a little more than 10 years ago decided to start a business based on an unquestionable truth: eating well is a right you have in Mexico, whether you are rich or poor. And so Pachuco was born, in a small place in Raval, with a menu full of collective identity: typical dishes from Mexican markets, tacos that are usually served at weddings and town baptisms, mezcals and tequilas, or drinks that our family prepared at childhood parties (children's version and with picket, for adults!). Years later, just before the pandemic, a second branch opened: Pachuca, and with it the extended version of the Mexican kitsch experience: capacity increases, new dishes are introduced in the menu (such as the delicious marinated tuna toast) and the unique concept and decoration of the place is strengthened.

Tienda mexicana

But the love for Mexico does not end there. During the pandemic and based on the fascinating mix of ancestral traditions, contemporary Mexico and globalization, La Pachuqueña was born, a Mexican store with an authentic and particular selection of food, drinks, objects, decoration, clothing , substances and gadgets through which to reproduce the amazing cultural wealth of the country. In our store, foods are for sale to prepare typical Mexican dishes such as dried chilies, moles, hot sauces, tortillas and even sweets; beers such as the popular Coronita, Modelo Especial or Negra Modelo, clamatos, mezcals and tequilas; and of course, emblematic ingredients of Pachuco and Pachuca such as the Special Sauce to prepare Micheladas in original, tamarind, chipotle or habanero flavors.

As for the rest of the products, in our Mexican store you will find a good selection of decoration, mystical remedies (soaps and essential oils to cure ailments in the post-pandemic world) and merchandising, whether from Pachuco with its famous t-shirts of Santa Muerte, La Virgen and Malverde (the Generous Bandit) or from the collective of graphic artists Mercadorama, with a huge collection of official Metallica concert posters, Café Tacvba, Foo Fighters, Interpol, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Nine Inch Nails, or festivals like Primavera Sound, Coachella and a lot more.

Tienda mexicana

For now, La Pachuqueña exists only as online store although with a small point of sale in La Pachuca (Carrer d’en Carabassa 19, 08002, Barcelona) with deliveries on Glovo. The good news? It is open all week, just like its sister restaurants, so if on a Sunday you need Clamato for your micheladas or mole almendrado for lunch, you have them just a click away.

Take a look at our Mexican store and you know: if you like what you see, recommend the store to your friends. And if you don't like it, recommend it to your enemies!