Salsa picante Mexicana

When someone mentions the words "hot sauce", a country immediately comes to mind: Mexico. And without a doubt, Mexico is one of the best exponents of spicy gastronomy since its soil produces more than 50 varieties of chiles, the most popular being the jalapeño, serrano, guajillo, chipotle, chile tree, pasilla and habanero.

The sauces and recipes created from these varieties enrich the national recipe book and are part of the collective imagination of any Mexican. They are present on the table from the moment the sun rises until night gives way to dawn and are consumed equally in markets, schools, offices, street stalls or luxury restaurants. The sauce does not have an exact recipe, each house prepares it according to family tradition, but we can say that they all have a generous portion of green or red tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro, salt and pepper, and the chili of your choice. choice. There are those who prepare them in a molcajete (a stone mortar) or who first "taste" all the ingredients in a pan to obtain that charcoal smell that they like so much, but whatever the case, in the country of chili and tequila it is considered a It is a crime to eat some good tacos or quesadillas without their respective red or green sauce.

It is also a Mexican tradition to start the day with delicious chilaquiles: fried tortilla chips dipped in sauce, topped with fresh cheese, onion and cilantro (some people add a fried egg, a portion of meat or chicken...) . There are as many varieties of chilaquiles as there are Mexicans in the world, although our favorites are usually in green sauce (green tomatillo with chile de arbol), red (tomato with chile de arbol), pasilla chile sauce or guajillo. And what can we say about all the stews that are also served bathed in spicy Mexican sauce: chilis stuffed with cheese, chicharrón in green sauce, spinach or cauliflower pancakes, beef meatballs, aguachile (a type of ceviche from the western coast of Mexico)... any food is susceptible to being submerged in hot sauce.

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